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If you are reading this blog, you are a student enrolled in the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University. This blog is a short introduction and  featuring some of the databases that have been deemed especially useful for students doing coursework in the School of Art and Design.

This introduction and guide to the Arts Professions LibGuide will highlight many relevant sections of LibGuide, with particular focus on three full text databases recommended for School of Art and Design students. By the end of this guide you should have proficient information to use the Arts Professions LibGuide independently. At the end of this guide there is a short evaluation to help us gauge if the information provided here was useful and how we can improve it.


What are Libguides?

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Libguides are an excellent tool to help students quickly direct research in the right direction. LibGuides  are  a proprietary, wiki-like software distributed by a company called  Sharespring that is available for subscription either privately or though an institution like your university library. Currently at San Jose State University, there are over 62 subject areas that contain one or more LibGuides.

LibGuides contain information that will help quickly direct your research to relevant websites and databases. The LibGuide for the Arts Professions lets students know, for example, that books are one of the most important resources for research in the arts-related professions (as opposed to journal articles, which would be more relevant for other areas of study).

LibGuides also offers information regarding the San Jose State University Librarian, in this case Rebecca Feind, who works at the King Library and can be contacted via email or phone with any questions.

For a link to more information about LibGuides, click here.

For a link to the SJSU Arts Professions LibGuide, click here.

For an informal review of LibGuides and how they function in an academic library, click here.

Arts Professions LibGuides

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The Arts Professions LibGuide at SJSU contain a wealth of information that covers a wide variety of research material that could be useful to a student of the College of Art and Design.

This LibGuide lists outside websites for major professional arts organizations, links to services such as the SJSU King Library catalog and Link+, a system that helps you borrow books from many public and academic libraries in California.

The Arts Professions LibGuide also provides links to databases that are frequently used by students enrolled in the School of Art and Design.  Of these eight selected databases, five of the databases provide abstracts and indexes to a wide variety of arts-related subscriptions. They include:

  • Art Index Retrospective
  • ARTBibliographies Modern
  • Bibliography of the History of Art (BHA)
  • Design and Applied Arts Index (DAAI)
  • International Bibliography of Art

Three of the databases are made up of full text articles and they include:

While all the information on the Arts Professions LibGuide  is useful for Art and Design students, we will be using the rest of this blog to focus on the full text databases.  You will be prompted to log into your SJSU King Library account to access these databases.

Art Full Text

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Art Full Text is a major index to articles and periodicals for art and architecture. Almost one third of all articles are full text in this database. The coverage in this database goes back to 1984 and includes museum bulletins.

What makes this database unique:

Out of the three full text databases suggested by the Arts Professions LibGuides, Art Full Text has the highest number of recent articles available.

Art Full Text is part of the EBSCO family of databases and one can choose to search only the Art Full Text database or combine your search of this database with a host of others. Art Full Text is successfully searched using subject searches and works on Boolean principles. If you are not familiar with subject searching, please ask an SJSU librarian for a brief instruction before using this database.

Go to the Art Full Text Database.


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JSTOR (short for Journal Storage) is a not-for-profit database that contains full text articles from more than 1300 academic journals as well as thousands of primary sources.  JSTOR is a general humanities database, but it contains many relevant titles for a student in the School of Art and Design. To browse the 191 titles that are art-specific in JSTOR, please click here.

What makes this database unique: While this database has many current articles available, it also has many articles that are older, something that may be of use to art and art history students.


JSTOR has a very clean design style making it easy to operate. You can perform a simple keyword search successfully on this database, but by going to the advanced search page and filling in as much information as you have available, you will get a better result. It is very easy to search this database by serial title, making this an ideal database to use when reading to keep up with current ideas in your particular arts field.

Go to the JSTOR database.

Project Muse

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Project Muse has been in business since 1995, providing full text humanities and social science content for the academic community. This database is a unique collaboration between the publishing industry and the academic community, beginning with the Johns Hopkins University press and the JHU Library. Today the collaboration has spread beyond the original partners, providing an even wider array of access to academically pertinent articles. The content on Project Muse is peer reviewed and stable, as once an article is available on this database it will be permanently available.

What makes this database unique:

While there are only nine arts-specific databases available in Project Muse, they are peer reviewed and do not completely overlap with the titles available from JSTOR and Art Full Text. Project Muse is also a very easy to use database. For a link to the arts-specific titles available in Project Muse, click here.


While being somewhat limited in titles of direct interest to students in the Art and Design School, Project Muse is perhaps the easiest of these three databases to search. It also has the unique feature of alerting you when new editions of serials that you are interested are available.

Go to the Project Muse database.


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